It was a two part episode for Valentines day.

the first part starts with the birds talking about girlfriends and how no one has one. then Green bird kills Studder' sister and jewel. Red bird meets and falls in love with Female red bird. meanwhile, chef coccon meets pink bow and falls in love. then king pig uses studder mc studder pants to steal pink bow, female red bird and green birds dead girls. King pig sent the birds a video message. Explaining what he's done, so read bird, black bird, green bird, yellow bird and big brother bird go to save the girlfriends (and studder who fell in). Then king pig gets his goons to surround them, but the birds fly away, leaving the pigs tuna. Then the mighty eagle defeats every pig, and rescues ythe girls. Red bird and female red bird continue going out, chef coccon start going out with pink bow (who told him she was french like him), and green bird gets his dead girls back. King pig gets stuck in the box that imprisoned the girls with studder mc studder pants.