King pig and some guard pigs are making plans to steal the eggs. One pig wants to bomb Europe. the other

Big setup pig

wants to go to McDonald's. King pig decides to capture the birds then steal the eggs. Giant red bird wakes up and goes to get breakfast. Green bird wakes up too, only to find that giant red bird has eaten his frosted flakes. Green bird goes back to bed, only to find a note that says red, blue, yellow, black, white, and orange birds have been captured. Together, giant red bird and green bird set out to rescue them. Two men are seen working for king pig. They had trapped the birds in a plastic bag. After finding out that they forgot green and giant red birds, they set out to find them too. Green and giant red birds are hiding in some bushes. Giant red bird gives them away to one of them. They defeat him. The other one goes into the forest, where nobody has EVER escaped from alive. Giant red and green birds go into the forest too. The birds defeat him and escape the forest. King pig is preparing to eat the eggs, but is told that the men were defeated. Shorty after, the two birds come to confront the king. They attempt to break open the cage the other birds are being held in. King pig opens the cage and gets beaten up and locked in the same cage, which giant red and white birds take craps in. The birds retrieve the eggs.


  • This episode is the first and only time Studder Mc Studderpants doesn't have a speaking role.
  • This episode is a sequel to the Angry Birds original episode, the Big Setup, which (ironically) starred Terence (Giant Red Bird) and Hal (Green Bird). King Pig even mentioned the events of the game.
  • The kidnappers looked similar to the Cute Mario Bros characters, the Ehh Guy and the You Guy.