A snowstorm has happened at the birds house, so they are outside. Black bird throws a snowball at green bird. Yellow bird spots the pigs. Chef pig buries two guards. King pig develops a plan. Meanwhile blue bird gets buried by snow, and green bird gets mad at the birds for throwing snowballs at him. Chef pig makes a snow pig. And king pigs plans both relate to snow: A snowball fight and whoever wins gets the eggs. A snow man present for the birds. Chef pig suggests camouflage into the snow. Which king pig agrees too. Red bird teaches green bird how to make a snowball, then the pigs steal the eggs. After the birds retrieve the eggs, the pigs get ambushed with snowballs by teenagers. The birds dry off, then feast on some hot chocolate. Studder comes and says he made the hot chocolate. Green bird says Studder is not a dick, but a good friend. Studder says he forgot wash his hands before making it, causing the birds to spit out the hot chocolate. Green bird calls him a dick.