Red Bird has an illness! So the rest of The Angry Birds decide to help him. They take Red Bird to a hospital, where Studder Mc Studderpants works as a doctor. Studder then tells Red Bird to say AAAH, and when the latter does, Studder finds out that he has a fever. When Green Bird asks Studder how high Red Bird's tempauture was, he answered that he didn't know, but he says it's 105°. Then Studder tells Red Bird that he should be in bed for a while. Green Bird then tells Studder that he should perform surgery. Studder gets his knife, but Red Bird says that it isn't necessary, causing Studder to go away. Red Bird then wonders that if he had arms, he would cover his nose. Mighty Eagle then appears before the scene changes to King Pig and the The Pig with a Lisp's cousin, where they say Red Bird is sick. Chef Cochon then appears and he said they're having crap for dinner. The scene then changes back to Red Bird, who is now in bed. Paz appears, and tries to tell Red Bird a story, but Green Bird and Black Bird throw Paz out of the window. Studder's brother Frank then appears, and tries to tell Red Bird a story, but he is interrupted by the appearance of the Drunk Pirate, who robs a trash can (probably to puke in), causing Frank to chase him down out of the window. King Pig then appears with a blue hat as McMON3Y, while the real McMON3Y is knocked out and shot by him. Red Bird takes McMON3Y's hat off, revealing him as King Pig. After McMON3Y dies, King Pig is about to kill Red Bird, but the latter blows on the tissue before Green Bird and Black Bird intervene. They both attack King Pig along with Red Bird before Green Bird throws King Pig out of the window. Red Bird then finds out that he's not sneezing anymore. The scene then changes outside with Chef Cochon finding King Pig. The latter says he is freezing before telling Chef Cochon that Green Bird threw him "two stories from their house" out of the window. Chef Cochon then says that it sucks, and King Pig tells the former to bring him inside. Chef Cochon agrees, saying he would make crap soup for him, much to King Pig's dismay. The scene then changes inside, with Green Bird and Black Bird being overjoyed that Red Bird has been cured from his fever, but they accidentally throw Red Bird out of the window. Outside, Red Bird lies in pain, and when he gets up, he notices Green Bird and Black Bird teasing him, thinking it is funny that they have accidentally threw Red Bird out of the window. Red Bird says he fell "three stories from his house", and when Green Bird and Black Bird ask him if he's alright, Red Bird thinks that they say he is. Green Bird and Black Bird then tell Red Bird that they're going to make up with him only if he goes inside. Red Bird goes to the door, only to find it locked. It turns out that Green Bird and Black Bird did it. Red Bird furiously threatens to burn Green Bird and Black Bird for throwing him out of the window and locking the door on him before calling them "bicycles". He then announces that he will get back inside, even though it will take him a long time. Red Bird then decides to spend the night at his grandfather's house. The scene then changes back inside, where King Pig is now sneezing. Chef Cochon then arrives with his prepared crap soup. King Pig looks disgustedly at the prepared meal as Chef Cochon tries to feed him, urging him to open up his mouth.