Orange Bird Name:Bubbles
Likes Candy, Fat people, Butts
Friends The Birds
Enemys The Pigs
Best Friend(s) The Birds
Family Dead Duck (possibly mother or father)
Orange bird rip

Orange Bird plush

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Orange birds decresed gardian

Orange Bird is the bird that has the ability in the game to inflate. His first appearance is in the "Meet the Orange Bird" episode.
Pigs have a plan to steal eggs but Orange Bird inflates and kills a King Pig.
In "Meet the Orange Bird" he was hatched from an egg.

He loves to eat candy.


A small Oriole bird with black hair, belly and tail. He has a beak, black eyes, brown eyebrows and black rings on his eyes.


  • He also known as Globe Bird and Balloon Bird.
  • He was fired from his old job for racist reasons (being orange). He now works as a police officer. This all happened in the movie.
  • He is the first new bird in the flock.
  • In 'meet the Orange bird' he hatches out of an egg and shortly thereafter becomes a member of the birds.
  • When he is puffed up he can ricochet bullets.