Baby Sitter is the very first episode of Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures.


A battered and bruised King Pig returns home from a failed mission. A guard gives King Pig the idea to go undercover, which King Pig approves to. The pigs then write a note to the birds. The guard dresses King Pig up in a disguise, which one guard thinks looks gay, while another thinks looks sexy. Meanwhile, the birds receive the note from earlier, which states that King Pig (as a babysitter) would like to babysit the eggs for the birds. King Pig arrives at the bird's house, using a shitty Italian accent to mask his real voice. Red Bird states that the babysitter will watch the eggs for a few hours, while he and the rest of the birds go out for milkshakes. After the birds leave, King Pig returns to the base with the eggs, but various interruptions prevent him from eating the eggs. Meanwhile, the birds are forced to come home early due to White Bird destroying the toilet. As the pigs are finally going to eat the eggs, the birds arrive and discover the babysitter's true identity. After a fight, the birds force King Pig and two guards to go to dinner with them. The episode ends with White Bird destroying the restaurant's toilet.