This will be a summary of every character thats every featured on angry birds craptastic adventures

Red birdEdit

best freind(s)                                                                           Black bird

enimies                                                                                   Sharkbutt,Pigs                                      

likes                                                                                      being responsible
dislike                                                                                   people messing up stuff
relations                                                                             Giant red bird,Grampa red bird

Black birdEdit

best friends                                              all the birds except green and blue
enimies                                                              Sharkbutt,Pigs                                     
likes                                                                           guns
dislike                                                                      being annoyed
relations                                                                     n/a

Blue birdEdit

best friends                                                                   everyone except the pigs
enimies                                                                         Sharkbutt,pigs
likes                                                                                laughing
dislike                                                                               T-Rex's
relations                                                                           n/a

Yellow birdEdit

bestfriends                                               everyone except the pigs                                                                                                      
enimies                                                                             Sharkbutt,Pigs                                     

likes                                                                                  tokoyo food

dislike                                                                                   n/a
relations                                                                               n/a

White birdEdit

best friends                                                            everyone except the pigs
enimies                                                                        sharkbutt,pigs
likes                                                                               not doing craps
dislike                                                                                 doing craps
relations                                                                                n/a

Giant red birdEdit

best friends                                                                          red bird and notes
enimies                                                                                         sharkbutt,pigs
likes                                                                                             notes
dislike                                                                                          reading notes
relations                                                                              red bird,grampa red bird

Green birdEdit

best friends                                                                                  the birds
enimies                                                                                    sharkbutt.pigs
likes                                                                                           calling people dicks
dislike                                                                                 studder mc studderpants

relations                                                                                     grampa green bird

Orange birdEdit

best friends                                                                   everyone except the pigs
enimies                                                                              sharkbutt,pigs

likes                                                                               candy, fat people and space

dislike                                                                                 getting fired from his jobs

relations                                                                             the duck

Pink birdEdit

best friends                                                                   everyone except the pigs
enimies                                                                                         pigs
likes                                                                                            make up
dislike                                                                               boys annoying her                                                                                                                                        

relations                                                                                   n/a

Mighty eagleEdit

best friends                                                                          the birds
enimies                                                                                    the pigs
likes                                                                                        sardines and redbull
dislike                                                                                        people calling him fat
relations                                                                                   n/a

Ice birdEdit

best friends                                                                          studder and the birds
enimies                                                                                     the pigs
likes                                                                                          freezing people
dislike                                                                                     pigs coming into space
relations                                                                                   n/a

Studder Mc StudderpantsEdit

best friends                                                                         everyone
enimies                                                                                 lord fartsalot
likes                                                                          giving people slaps and onions
dislike                                                                                people being mean
relations                                                Frank the police puppet and studders sister


best friends                                                                  the birds,the pigs and paz
enimies                                                                                      the birds
likes                                                                                        having a girlfriend
dislike                                                                                      not having a girlfriend
relations                                                                                         n/a


best friends                                                                   the birds and sharkbutt
enimies                                                                                     the pigs
likes                                                                  children and making retarted noises
dislike                                                               people making fun of his birthmark
relations                                                                                    n/a

Frank the police puppetEdit

best friends                                                                               n/a
enimies                                                                                    drunk pirate
likes                                                                                        arresting people
dislike                                                                                     drunk pirates
relations                                                       studder mc studderpants and his sister

Druken pirateEdit

best friends                                                                                 the pigs

enimies                                                                                frank the police puppet
likes                                                                                      being drunk and vodka
dislike                                                                                       getting arrested
relations                                                                                               n/a

The duckEdit

best friends                                                                                  her eggs
enimies                                                                              probally the birds
likes                                                                                                 her eggs
dislike                                                                                    people taking her eggs
relations                                                                                          orange bird


best friends                                                                                   n/a
enimeis                                                                                            n/a
likes                                                                                                 prezilles
dislike                                                                             people being scared of him

relations                                                                                                    n/a

Studders sisterEdit

best friends                                                                          jewel,female red bird
enimeis                                                                                   probally green bird
likes                                                                                               cheerleading
dislike                                                                                              n/a
relations                                                                                        studder and frank

King pigEdit

best friends                                                                         probally chef cochon
eniemis                                                                                 the birds and studder
likes                                                                                            eggs
dislikes                                                                   getting caught stealing the eggs
relations                                                                                 King pigs father

Chef cochonEdit

best friends                                                                       the pigs
enimies                                                                              the birds
likes                                                                                cooking food and france
dislikes                                                                          people making fun of france
relations                                                                                 n/a

Helmet pigEdit

best friends                                                                  the pigs
enimies                                                                          the birds
likes                                                          acting like a retard and saying WEEEEE!
dislike                                                                                       n/a
relations                                                                           father helmet pig