red, black, and yellow went trick or treating during on halloween, and as for the pigs they plan to capture candy from the trick or treaters


The story starts as Studder tells the story that the monster gave the boy 15 slaps, but one of the birds said that his scary halloween story stinks. Studder got upset and runned away. Red dresed himself as a devil, Yellow has dressed himself as a wizard, and Black was dressed as frankenstain, as the rest have their one costumes. At King pig's base, he is very angry that his planned of stealing the eggs was a failure until Chef Cochon let him try some candy, after he ated including all of it, they were out of candy. The trick or treater appeared saying "Trick or treat" and runned away because he told him to get out.

At nighttime, Red, Yellow, and Black were ready to trick or treat, but it was revealed that Black doesn't know anything about halloween. They reached to the first house, that revealed to be Studder's house. Studder claims that giving 15 slaps weremhis type of candy, and turned out to be Frank's house, the trio left. On a tree, King Pig along with his 2 pumpkin pigs were waiting on the trick or treaters, they got to them, until the trick or treaters revealed to be Red Yellow and Black, after the six left, the birds saw the killer and runned away back to their house. The killer got to the house and revealed that he has a disorder and was wonderinf where the bathroom was.

The nextmday, it was revealed the Studder have candy all the long and gave them to the resr of the Angry Birds. Studder tells why they didn't get candy cause they were mean to him. The pigs captured the candy, the birds suddenly got angry and defeated the pogs due to saving the candy. After that, Studder decided to let them share the candy with Red, Yellow, and Black.


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